Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guinea Piggy Eats: Alexander's Steakhouse

We enjoy going out and trying lots of different restaurants all over the Bay Area and beyond. Since we have so many great pictures of the different places we've tried, we figured it would be nice to share some of these places on the blog. So stay tuned for the "Guinea Piggy Eats" blog posts. We'll feature a bunch of different eating places we've tried, some we liked and others we didn't. In this particular entry I will introduce you to Alexander's Steakhouse located in Silicon Valley.

Alexander's Steakhouse, Cupertino location (picture courtesy of

Alexander's Steakhouse has two locations; one in Cupertino and in San Francisco with a sister restaurant called The Sea in Palo Alto. I originally found out about this restaurant from an episode of "Check Please! Bay Area" and decided to take Nestor here for his 30th birthday. What Alexander's is known for is serving authentic Japanese Wagyu beef which is supposed to be the tenderest, melt in your mouth beef you will ever experience on US soil. The Wagyu steaks can run from $50-300 dollars depending on what you try. And to prove the authenticity of the Wagyu you just ate, you get a certificate showing the cow's lineage with their name, hometown and a stamp of their's kind of creepy! The dining experience at Alexander's was very memorable, the restaurant was beautiful, our waitress was very knowledgable and friendly, the food was pretty delicious and the fun bonus at the end was getting their house made cotton candy! While this restaurant gave us a wonderful experience, it's not a place we'd go to very often mainly for it's high price and also since we don't eat meat very often anymore. But if you are looking for a cool restaurant for a hot date or to impress your family, we definitely recommend checking out Alexander's Steakhouse. You can peep their menu here.
Fancy Bread "basket"
Hamachi Shots
Watermelon with Cucumber foam chaser to clear your palate
Nestor's Wagyu Beef with Ginger Risotto. We also ordered a side of roasted brussels sprouts, mac and cheese and roasted potatoes. Nestor really enjoyed the Wagyu said it was the tenderest meat he ever tried, but he didn't think it was really worth the high price tag- but it was fun to try at least once!
I tried the steak trio, not sure if they still offer this on their menu but it included small portions of Japanese, Austrailian and New York steak. Was very delicious from what I can remember!
They served it on a chalkboard so you can "guess" which meat was which. I got the Wagyu correct but not the N.Y. and Austrailian.
O2 Dessert that came out as a big chocolate ball until the waitress poured hot chocolate syrup on it and it started to melt. Was very cool!
Free birthday dessert for the birthday boy...yay!
Complimentary cotton candy to end your amazing meal, I heard that they actually change up the flavors of the cotton candy every night.

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