Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guinea Piggy Eats: FARM Restaurant

Outdoor seating area of FARM restaurant in Napa, CA

by Adriana
We enjoy going out and trying lots of different restaurants all over the Bay Area and beyond. Since we have so many great pictures of the different places we've tried, we figured it would be nice to share some of these places on the blog. So stay tuned for the "Guinea Piggy Eats" blog posts. We'll feature a bunch of different eating places we've tried, some we liked and others we didn't. In this particular entry I will introduce you to FARM located in the Napa Valley.

FARM at The Carneros Inn
 We went to FARM with Nestor's parents to celebrate Christmas and it was a lovely restaurant to spend an evening. We actually went here once before to hang out in the outdoor seating area one summer and enjoyed some pizza and snacks. Like most Napa restaurants in the area, they are known for their fresh local farm ingredients and California cuisine. We enjoyed our dishes very much and would recommend coming to this restaurant for a special occasion or a nice hang out with friends on a hot summer day. I'm in no way a food critic or writer, so please forgive me for not getting too much in detail! But you can always check out their website or take a look at their reviews on Yelp. Now onto our photos!

The bar at FARM upon entering the restaurant. The overall theme of the restaurant is white with some warm colors on the walls and furniture.
Beautiful bouquets of in-season flowers adorn the dining area
Our starter was this little roasted cauliflower, I usually laugh when I'm at restaurants that serve things in such tiny dishes. It's somewhat elegant but I just think it's hilarious.
Chicken skin soup with sides
Black Cod
Crispy fried chicken
Pan fried duck
Chocolate souffle dessert, I am a dessert girl and could have eaten 2 more of these, they were so delicious!
Side of vanilla gelato with chocolate candies on top
Awesome outdoor seating area where they give you blankets and hot chocolate on chilly nights if you want to just hang out.

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